Tapestry Related Videos

Un fil sense fi - How to make a tapestry

24 minute documentary by Cesc Bisoca where he shows the making of a great apple tapestry

The Making of Butterfly

7 minute film from Dovecot Studios about Alison Watt's Butterfly tapestry for Scottish Opera.

The art of French tapestry making

6 minute video about the Apocalypse Tapestry

Tapestry Conservation at the Gardner

4 minute video on the removal and cleaning of a large tapestry.

An Overview of Current Conservation Practices For Historic Tapestries

44 minute lecture by Frances Lennard, Deputy Head, The Textile Conservation Centre, University of Southampton, United Kingdom

The Burgos Tapestry: A Study in Conservation

15 minute video on the conservation of a particular tapestry (with music!) 

The tapestry art (creating and making)

4 minute video showing the making of a tapestry from design to completion.


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