Tapestry Societies and Guilds

The American Tapestry Alliance

The American Tapestry Alliance is a non-profit organisation supporting the fine arts medium of contemporary handwoven tapestry. 

American Tapestry Alliance 

Association of Guilds of Weavers, Spinner & Dyers

The objectives of the Association are the preservation and improvement of the craftsmanship in hand weaving, spinning and dyeing for the benefit of the public and the promotion of public education in such craftsmanship. The Association acts as an umbrella organisation for land-based guilds primarily in the UK but there are also overseas guilds.  

Association of Guilds of Weavers, Spinner & Dyers

The Australian Tapestry Workshop

The mission of the Australian Tapestry Workshop is to ensure that this traditional art form and specialist creative skills are kept and thriving in Australia through active collaboration with contemporary artists. As resurgence in the art of contemporary tapestry continues to grow worldwide, the ATW remains deeply committed to its role as an international leader.

Australian Tapestry Workshop

Canadian Tapestry Network

The Canadian Tapestry Network is an organisation dedicated to communication amongst its members across Canada and around the World, fellow tapestry weavers and all those who love tapestry. It is a non-profit organisation run by volunteers and publishes a newsletter with a Canadian slant to document, promote and advertise individuals and events related to the art of woven tapestry.

Canadian Tapestry Network

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