Christine Eborall

I have been weaving tapestries since 2008 and have studied with William Jefferies at Kew Studios, and at Morley College.

Because of long-standing concerns about the environment, my tapestries are nearly all woven on a cotton warp in discarded or unwanted materials. Inevitably, plastic predominates, especially plastic packaging. I use the metallised plastic film invariably used for snack packs, coffee bags etc.; the un-reusable plastic wrappers and bags from online shopping, and the plastic nets in which supermarkets sell fruit and veg.

I also use the plastic twine, net and rope discarded by the fishing and shipping industries and washed up on beaches in massive quantities; plastic scaffolding net junked by builders, and polyester fabric from discarded broken umbrellas, of which there is no shortage in London!

All my tapestries aim to convey my frustration and concern about the environmental and social challenges of today’s world. My inspiration comes partly from the materials themselves (I have little control over their textures and colours) and partly from the abundant images and influences of modern life; I’m particularly inspired by graffiti and protest.

Ealing, West London
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