Christine Paine

Figures of women feature strongly in my work. Dancing, load bearing or as transient shadowy marks in a landscape, I look for their inner sense to reflect wider concerns and tell a story. They come from prehistory through desolate landscapes and coastal tide lines to garishly lit urban nights. They rage and grieve over the loss of the natural world and its traditions and create elegies for those that they have loved. They are survivors - strong, powerful and united. Often they have a hidden sense of playful mischief that coexists within their serious messages.

Sometimes using mud and sticks for drawing, I seek to interpret gestural and instinctive marks in woven tapestry. Images of prehistoric female figures and birds in flight provide inspiration.

I have a Postgraduate Diploma in Tapestry Weaving and a Professional Development Diploma in Tapestry and Textile Art from West Dean College.

Dorset, UK
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