Christine Sawyer

I trained in fine art and taught for some years before becoming a full time tapestry weaver in the mid 1980's. I exhibit here and abroad, and have been  commissioned by, among others, Coca Cola Schweppes and the House of Lords.

My work is a response to a specific environment, occurrence, or current obsession  and is a  mixture of observation, memory, and imagination

In 2010 I received a Theo Moorman Trust award to make new work from a series of large graphite drawings, which reflect concerns for the natural world: changes in weather patterns, waste, and the loss of resources.

It has been an inspirational experience, generating a new approach to working, largely in monochrome in a closely observed tonal range. Recently, though, through normal working practice, colour is reappearing, and I am starting a series of vivid miniatures which express notions of renewal and regrowth.

Devon, UK
Open Studio: As above
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