Clare Coyle

I first went to Edinburgh College of Art with the intention of doing Ceramics, however during my first year I discovered the Tapestry Department and never looked back.  My themes of interest can often flit around, but inevitably return to history/archaeology and the making of marks.  Whether these marks are man-made or as a result of time and weathering, I am inspired by the connection to place, the past and the passage of time.   I love the landscape of Scotland where I live and for many years have visited Orkney, a place with wonderful history, beautiful beaches and a special kind of “light”.  I mainly work in small format, weaving miniature tapestries of the images I create from sketching and photography.  In some recent works I have been working with beach-combed materials and weaving directly onto driftwood and stones.  If I find that by sketching I haven't quite got the finished image I want, I will often work from a combination of different images, making decisions as I weave about shape, colour and texture as I go.  Tapestry for me remains a contemplative process that builds on my own history of time, place and memories.

I am a member of BTG and the American Tapestry Alliance and exhibit with both on a regular basis.

Clare Coyle BA (Hons) - ECA

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