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I have chosen to weave on a high loom (vertical) because I find it gives me better visibility, and so more freedom. The classical technique of weaving on the wrong side and looking at my work in a mirror gives me a similar sense of distance to the one of the painter in front of his easel.
My loom is the usual Gobelin loom, 2.50 metres  high and 2.60 metres wide.
The long time it takes to weave a tapestry, and the fact that I can’t see it completely during weaving, require me to spend a long and important time to prepare it. For each tapestry I make a precise cartoon that I copy exactly and enlarge to the size of the finished tapestry. Then, when I have drawn the most important lines on the warp, I am free again and the tapestry becomes a re-interpretation of the cartoon,. A tapestry is for me an autonomous work, in which form, colour, technique and material are joined up.
My studio is in the west of France 16 rue Rondeaux 56100 LORIENT open only by appointement.