Patricia Hugues

I am a "young" weaver. I started weaving 5 years ago at the ‘Teranyina’ tapestry school, in Barcelona. This is how I got entangled with thousands of threads!

Both at home and in my workshop.

Since then, most of my day is filled with research, sketching and learning new techniques, everything that allows me to portray my ideas into what I have in my mind.

In this era of absolute dispersion and ‘culture of the immediate’, it allows me to develop specific skills of attention, concentration and know-how, converting this experience into a unique and transforming moment.

I’m always looking to perfect my technique to achieve a great level and be able to publish fine works, as I see in this website.

I´m really happy to be part of this artisanal activity, trying to keep alive this kind of art across the ages, and hoping it becomes as relevant as painting or sculpture, or other major arts.

Barcelona, Spain
+34 610 547 142
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