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I am married with an adult family. All my working life I have been an Artist Craftswoman creating individual private commissions and in consultative positions. Working  with Zoe Apostilides the Abstract Expressionist.

 Although I have woven a variety of textiles, taught many aspects of fabric construction, it is the Ryijy hanging or, ‘wool painting’ in which I specialise.

The Finnish Ryijy,  similar in construction to the Oriental carpet, has three component parts, warp, weft and pile. The pile is created with a Ghiordes Knot of three threads 25-30cm long , tied upon the warp ends and interlocked with the weft. Each is placed as a painter’s brush stroke, however a painter can change his mind, the labour intensive weaver’s decision remains forever. 12mm of plain weave between knotted rows form the base fabric. (see close up).  Studying a Ryijy cannot be hurried the story lies in the imagination of the spectator who may also have a tactile experience by ruffling the pile to change the shapes. This can be done by playing a fan nearby or hanging in a draught when a different design will appear, as in a cornfield on a windy day.