Joyce Coulton

I  graduated in printed textiles, then worked in industry designing  jacquard fabrics and tufted carpets.   Fascination with the process of translating designs into a grid format to enable machinery to produce a finished  textile,  probably influenced  my subsequent involvement in tapestry weaving.

I use  an old picture-frame as a loom and work with embroidery threads on a small scale.  My tapestries include figures, faces and partially recognisable objects.  Often, traces of the influence of children's artwork can be seen in some of the shapes I use.  The  slow pace of  weaving encourages basic  ideas to develop in unforeseen ways, often leading to an unexpected  outcome.

Wigan, Manchester, UK
01257 424804
Open Studio: Cross Street, Standish, WIGAN, WN6 0HQ
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