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Ilkley, West Yorkshire
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Since the early 60’s, when I first studied tapestry at Leeds College of Art, there has been a great change in the perception of tapestry. The understanding of traditional tapestry has broadened to include a much more fine art textile approach and, paradoxically, the limitations and discipline imposed by the traditional weaving techniques seem to encourage rather than inhibit invention and creativity.

The soft organic quality of yarns, the way they reflect light – and their endless possibilities for colour mixing – are a constant inspiration to me, as is landscape. I do not try to reproduce a specific scene but I attempt to capture the mood of a place, its light and its colour, and to convey what it feels like to be in a desert or by the sea.

Weaving a large tapestry takes time, concentration and dedication so I also enjoy working on a smaller scale and exploring images in a less time consuming way by making dyed and wrapped pieces, drawings and paintings, often working directly in the landscape.